When we think of a workspace – we think of computers, the clicking of the keyboards, the LED screens, dim lighting, cubicles, coffee machines, meeting rooms, targets, the daily grind… To put it in one simple word – “Sameness”.

In the recent years, the focus is seen to be shifting from – “How one works” to “Where one works” – in terms of the impact on productivity.

This leads us to the question –

Can we make our office environment such that the employees love the workplace?

HRs always ponder on how to improve the experience of their team members. Here are some things they strive for —

  • Creating an engaging office environment for teams
  • Bringing like-minded Professionals together
  • Enabling teams to work smarter always and harder when required.
  • Constantly making employees feel energized to do the work.
  • Making employee’s life easier with advanced technologies.

Picture this:

Employees rushing to meet deadlines at the last minute, high attrition rate, lack of focus on work, lack of motivation and negligible urge to take initiatives. Isn’t this the story in many workplaces we all know?

Work environments may have a lot to do with this. It determines the productivity levels, the moods, the work culture and the general behavior of the employees.

Enhancing the Work Environment

Did you know that addition of a simple potted plant or a Vertical Garden can change the work environment completely? It truly has the capability to transform the work culture, reduce stress and enhance the performance levels of employees!


Just a tad bit of greenery works to positively impact the way employees feel about their work and workplace. Employees feel valued when they know the employers care for them. And nothing shows nurture and support better than plants. It’s a symbol of life itself.

Research studies have suggested that employees are much more efficient while handling cognitive tasks when they are in the presence of green spaces and natural light, albeit working on computer screens for their entire workday! Several such results indicate augmenting productivity level of employees as well!

Moreover, indoor office plants have an aesthetic appeal that can leave a dramatic impression on the employees, boosting a zealous and positive outlook throughout. Their performance levels increase and so do their attention spans and presence of mind while on the job.

What more?

Indoor office plants also ensure a secured ambience and a more relaxed set-up. They also boost the indoor air quality – cleansing and purging it for better oxygen supply. And how!


Planting greens at workspace shields us against ailments that have often bothered each of us at some point or the other – common cold, flu, cough, sore throat and eye irritation.


The idea behind elements of nature working towards our well-being and cognitive performance is in our deep-rooted affinity for greens and their sound-absorbing and other health benefits that work well for an employee.

This affinity towards nature is brilliantly manifested in biophilic office designs. They bring along an articulate artwork in the enclosed office space to enhance creativity, productivity and emotional well-being.

With landscape gardening, garden designing, houseplant arrangements, maintenance and innovative solutions for green architectures, Ferntastica Gardens has carved a niche in the landscaping industry.

A legacy of 40 + years spanning three generations enables us to have the requisite insights on the nuances of gardening. Our team of passionate gardeners & landscape architects in Mumbai can help you attain this biophilic design with plants best suited for your needs that also compliment your workspace.

There’s no better time than now to integrate your employee’s physical and mental well-being into the commercial fabric of the office interiors!