The Farm

The Green Heritage

It’s magical how tiny little seeds grow into majestic trees. The story of Ferntastica Gardens is one just like that. The seeds of the mighty organisation were laid unbeknownst to the co-founder, Late Felix Fernandez, who was purely following his love for grafting roses.

Our History

A 40 year old legacy

Felix’s son Mario, took it in his stride to convert his father’s passion into a thriving business. Under Mario’s leadership, Ferns Garden Services was established in 1978 followed by the institution of Ferntastica Pvt Ltd in 1998. With education from the prestigious College of Agriculture in Pune, Mario went on to work with varied horticulturists to deliver bespoke services to his clients and eventually built the goodwill the brand enjoys till date.

Currently helmed by the third generation of the family, Mario’s son Ashish F, the company has enjoyed immense growth in business over the past eight years.

The Farms


Just like any flourishing business, our growth meant expansion. Today, we have established multiple organic gardens and farms that act as a reservoir for the growing demands in Mumbai, its outskirts and other neighbouring cities.

Right from planting trees, facilitating water supply, constructing green-houses; we have come a long way from where we started. Today our farms are grounds where we work in congruence to nature – giving plants the best of best environments to thrive. Experimenting latest irrigation techniques to planting techniques – this is where the magic really happens.

The Area

Four Pristine Acres

Spread across four acres between Khopoli and Neral, the location of our organic farms have been strategically chosen. Nestled at a fair distance from the city, the farms are easily accessible from both Mumbai and Pune. Its remoteness from the city ensures lesser pollution which translates into healthy greens.

We ensure our plants and flowers are nurtured through organic gardening practices. To achieve the best environment for our plants to grow in, we indulge in ethical farming practices, minimal mechanical processes and utilising natural fertilisers.

Our Family Secret

Customized Soil Mix

Over the years, having grown all kinds of plants, trees and flowers in different seasons and situations; we understand what it takes for a plant to grow. We bring this experience to life by developing our very own specialized soil mix that increases the natural capacity of the plant to grow.

Entry to farm only by invite

Exclusive Sneak Peek to our Farm