Our Garden Boutique

World within Worlds

A specially designed experience awaits our Customers, Plant Enthusiasts, Architects and Developers. One can find inspiration in every nook and corner – be it the vertical gardens or the specially designed arrangements of potted plants. It’s quite naturally the hub of all things creative and natural.

The plant nursery, located in Chembur, Mumbai features 1234 species of plants hailing from different parts of the world. Spread across 1234 sq. mts., this quaint little plant nursery in Mumbai is sure to breathe life into your dreams.

Fairy Gardens

Relive your childhood and bring your fantasies to life with our custom-made Fairy Gardens. It’s sure to add personality and take every visitor on a magical journey.

Fairy gardens are a perfect solution for one with a creative green thumb. From beautiful fairy princesses to mushroom houses, fairy gardens give wings to your imagination. Designed minutely, fairy gardens assure a blissful escape in a small space.

Fernery + Herb Garden

There’s no better way to take home memories from our plant nursery in Mumbai than picking up ferns and herbs that are tailored to your needs. With an ability to thrive in any weather or condition, ferns make for a great addition to any space.

Choose from our wide variety of ferns alongside our herb garden in Mumbai that features the usuals like basil, mint, coriander, fennel and dill, to exclusive herbs such as thyme, oregano, rosemary and parsley.

Vertical Gardens

The perfect way to integrate greens to your environment – vertical walls are ideal solutions when you are squeezed out of space at home, office, township or even a commercial space.Offering high flexibility in terms of space, vertical gardens provide a pleasing sight in the midst of steel-cold skyscrapers.

While they offer a cooling effect in the environs as they guard you from the sun’s ever-increasing heat, you can also choose to incorporate oxygen bombs (plants known to filter air in the surrounding more effectively that others) such as Peace Lily, English Ivy, Chinese Evergreen and many more. An added advantage is that they make for colorful and beautiful incorporations.

Potted Plants

Hand-picked potted plants from our plant nursery in Mumbai are sure to brighten up your living or work space instantly. Be it the eye-pleasing blooms or our wide range of handpicked colourful ceramic pots, there is sure to be a pop of colour to bring life into your space.

With a promise to give your space a natural break for a long, long time to come, potted plants have been an all-time favourite that extend ultimate sophistication. Choose the right fit for you from an array of plant species, as our in-house professionals guide you every step of the way.

Container Gardens

The name container garden suggests exactly what it is – a garden in a container such as a tub, barrel or even a box. A perfect solution for those with little to no space, container gardens are an arrangement where varied plants are planted together to form a pleasing variety.

Even in elaborate gardens, container gardens lend colour and add versatility to the space. The ability to place these containers gardens in different locations and move them around offers you with the flexibility to change the arrangements at your whims and fancies.


A fancy word, Terrariums are little indoor gardens in a jar that establish a unique tropical environment even as the jar is sealed. The naturally induced humidity with a bout of indirect lighting helps this beautiful miniature tropical garden to grow inside that is self-sustaining as moisture from both the soil and the plant evaporate due to the warm temperature inside the terrarium.

Heat and diffused light entering the jar helps to keep the temperature warm, while evaporated moisture that condenses and accumulates on the sides of the jar provide the plant with a constant supply of water and in continuing photosynthesis for the plant to have its own water cycle. The closed terrarium reaches a balance where the moisture levels are just apt for the plant to sustain itself. Different to the closed terrariums, the Succulents and Cactus are some of the non-tropical open terrariums, opening up the multitude of options to choose from.