Your Company’s Information is Safe with Us

Ferntastica Gardens Limited respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. Only the absolutely necessary information about your company that is essential for us to give you the best of services is obtained by us. The process we follow to acquire this information about your company is detailed out in this policy.

What is the information we need?

Your company’s name, address, telephone number, the mission and vision of your company and your company ethics, etc. will be the basic information that we will require. Any extra information about your brand value and how you would like to present yourself as a company to your employees and clients might be needed. Further, in any step of the way while offering you our services, we might request information/more clarity on any queries/concerns regarding your company size, branches of your company, number of employees, workplace ambience that you prefer among others.

Information Usage

We would use information presented on your website to facilitate and ease out our process of providing services to your company. Moreover, precautions will be taken by us to protect and safeguard your valuable company information against any access by third party, internet service providers or unauthorised access. This will be done in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

How cookies can help us access your company info better?

Small files or cookies sent by our website that are stored in your computer’s hard drive help us view and access your company website information better. While your computer prevents any other website to access your site’s information, accepting these cookies is crucial for us to access your company information without obstacles. This will enable us to better understand how you would like to present your company as so we can provide you with the best of services giving you the competitive edge. Any personal or confidential data stored on your personal computer cannot however be accessed by these text files or cookies.

Information Disclosure/Violation

This policy mandates our company to follow a strict adherence against any and all information disclosure or violation of company rights to any third party sites. Individuals/companies visiting our website will get to know about the issues your company was facing regarding your corporate greenscaping needs and the solutions we provided you for the same. This will happen as a case study/ testimonial if you are willing to share your experience with us on our digital platform.

This will only be a general information on the challenges we faced while offering our services and how we overcame them. Neither any information about these individuals/ companies visiting our website nor any specific details regarding your company and our collaboration will be entailed here. It will only be as a case study emailer or professional ads that we will talk about the services we offer you to help other companies in making well-informed decisions about choosing their corporate greenscape partners. Any behavioral advertising that takes place to help you with more relevant content regarding our services will only be with your knowledge and consent.

Changes in this Policy

Any changes made to this policy further on will be made a part of this document for you to accept and understand the policy in its totality. We sincerely suggest you to read carefully through this document each time you visit our website for you to be in complete agreement with our privacy processes and policies.

Policy Agreement

You agree and accept the terms and conditions and our privacy policies when you use our website and also give us the right for usage of information on your website as mentioned above.

Contact Details

Should you wish to raise any concern or query on our privacy policies mentioned in this document, you can connect with us at Further, if you wish to discontinue/modify any of the services we provide or add/delete information given earlier, you can visit our administration page and update your information therein.