Take Your Garden Where You Move

Innovation is key to us at Ferntastica Gardens, and so, we have mastered deciphering every client brief with a new outlook and approach. Our experience spans across designing and building gardens be it in expansive spaces or tiny little nooks. From vertical gardens to plants and trees transplantations we have done it all, and more, with seasoned experts.

Walls that live!

Vertical Gardens

Possessing a magical ability to breathing life into urban jungles, vertical gardens provide stress-busting effects to every pair of eyes. Vertical gardens are an ideal choice to bring natural touches to towering skylines with a steel cold look or even bringing more colour to your indoors while reaping the benefits of fresh air to fill your lungs.

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Give the gift of green

Corporate Gifting

No matter where you are in the world, one can never go wrong with sending along some beautiful blooms for special occasions, and we’re all about it! From Succulent arrangements to Gift Baskets, we have exclusive handpicked plants for special occasions and festivities. Each gift is mindfully wrapped with the vibrance of joy and freshness of nature.

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Jumping Yards

Tree Transplantation

With specialised skill sets, at Ferntastica Gardens, we provide tree transplantation services for mature trees, shrubs and plants alike. Equipped with technical know-how to transplant trees from one location to another with utmost care, we ensure that your loved greens are transported by exceptional professionals so they can thrive at their new homes.

Our Work

Some of our Projects

HDFC Bank – Location

HDFC Bank – Location

A 35 feet-long vertical garden at HDFC Bank, created in a matter of 20 days complements a dry garden designed and developed on the eighth floor of the building by Ferntastica Gardens. Located in the canteen sit-out area, the vertical garden and artificial lawn has a soothing effect in the midst of tall, cold concrete skylines.

Sahara Star – Vile Parle

Sahara Star – Vile Parle

Ferntastica Gardens designed and developed an innovative vertical garden design at Sahara Star, Mumbai. Created at the swimming pool area, the vertical garden has been made out of material that enhances root-interlocking thereby providing a curtain on the wall.