Plants can do wonders for your corporate workspaces. They are natural transmitters of oxygen and bring along organic solutions for most physical and psychological ailments that have shackled most of our lives.

There are several indoor plants that –

  • Purify the air
  • Supply fresh oxygen (even at night!)
  • Bring along a lot of health and even some happiness (plants can make you smile – literally!)
  • Add tenderness, warmth and beauty to an otherwise drab and dull indoor space
  • Regulate humidity
  • Work on the acoustics of the place to absorb peripheral noises
  • Remove toxins and chemical compounds from the air that harm public health
  • Boost employee and well being, motivate and leave a positive influence for a healthier and active physique and an alert and smart mind

Wait! Do you think having plants in your office setup is a great idea but a diminutive workspace like yours might not be the ideal environment for them?

Well, the best part is that these plants don’t need expansive spaces to flourish and amazingly spruce up tiny nooks as well!

Choose from a wide range of indoor office plants

Air Purifying Plants

Most Air Purifying Plants work on eradicating indoor toxins that mostly come from the printing machine, air conditioners, carpets and other such sources in workplaces. They are easy to maintain with low to moderate sunlight and water requirements. Some common examples are:


Snake Plant – A variant of this plant is also known as the Mother-in-Law’s tongue and there are about 70 different species of this plant?

Aloe Vera – This plant stands true to its name – ‘wonder plant’. Wonder why? Its therapeutic properties have created quite the rage in the skin, hair and cosmetic industry.

Money Plant – Famous as the Devil’s ivy since this plant is believed to be immortal.

English Ivy – Sometimes the leaves of English Ivy can be variegated with two or more colors. They are borne in clusters.

Peace Lily – They give the chance to brighten up the dark spots in a  workspace with white blooms.

Terrariums – These are quite simply Gardens in a Bowl! Ideal for desktops, centerpieces.

Succulents – Group them or just put them in a cup and these become a desktop accessory that is the ideal conversation starter.

Cacti – Did you know all cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti?

Lesser air-borne diseases, fresher air to breathe and a touch of green – isn’t this a healthier alternative to your otherwise cold, dreary and drab working space?

Low Maintenance Plants

The primary reason why many people are not plant-friendly is because they feel plants need a lot of care, effort and time. But what if they thrived well with low maintenance?

That’s where the Air Plants come into the picture!


Air Plants

There are more than 650 species of Air Plants that attach themselves to rocks and shrubs. With triangle-shaped leaves, funnel-shaped flowers, these Air Plants need minimal water or soil.

Adding some variety to these potted plants is also simple — assort different air plants together in a pot or put them in an air plant terrarium or hang them from office walls for a trendy design.

These plants will be the fixer-upper to a dull workplace even with less maintenance. The key to their sustenance? They absorb nutrients through their leaves from the surrounding environment that also includes the dust, insects and moisture from the air around them.


A colorful and delightful plant that can grow as a climber or vine both outdoors and indoors, bougainvilleas are popular for their beautiful leaves and colorful bracts and blooms. Three of its 14 species are used to create hybrid species.

Bougainvillea blooms range from dark pink to orange, red, white and dark spring green. The plant is long lasting as it is a perennial, ornamental plant and is easy to grow as well with some basic care round the year.


Did you know Hibiscus rosa-sinesis is also known as Shoeflower in Asia? Since this flowering plant is used to polish shoes in India, it is named as such. It’s also popular as China Rose, Rose Mallow and Sorrel.

With more than 200 species in the Hibiscus Genus family, there are a variety of colours to explore among its large, attractive flowers  – from bright reds, peaches, pinks to light blue. They are also grafted for mixed colours and more petals.

While Malaysia considers this to be their national flower, this flowering plant is popular among Indians for its religious significance. The flowers of these plants are further believed to have medicinal properties. Ayurveda claims that hibiscus can treat common cold, headaches, inflammation, menstrual cramps, venereal diseases and is even good for hair care.

Apart from Air Plants, most indoor plants that are also air purifiers are low on maintenance as well. Aloe, Snake Plant, Bromeliads, Pothos, Jade, Rubber Plant and Philodendron are all easily forgiving even if you are a lazy gardener!

Exotic Plants

These are plants that are not so commonly available but are great as indoor office plants. When kept in a workspace, they create an urban jungle environment almost making employees feel like they are on a tropical getaway!

Exotic plants such as Red-edged Draceana, Lobster’s Claw, Glory Lily, Lantana, Angel’s Trumpet, Roulette Azur and Anthurium among others add value and drama and are soothing to the senses. Their lush foliage and colorful blooms have the power to serenade work blues and caress deadline stress!


Anthurium – These colorful plants give the look and feel of an exotic plant. They can be quite an attraction and may even become the focal point of a  work cubicle.

Streptocarpus or Roulette Azur – Whether kept on a window sill or an office desk, this would fill up the dark, dreary winter mornings with a pop of color!

Red-edged Dracaena – For a refreshing summery look and dramatic feel and not to forget, introducing some character to drab work environments, the Red-edged Draceana seems just about perfect for office space.

Specimen Trees

Independently grown, these trees form a quintessential part of a landscape design in any space. When planted in an office setup, they create quite the central point of attraction especially with their striking features and singular placement. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Yucca Plant, Parlor Palm, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Corn Palm, Ponytail Palm, Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant), Money Tree, Weeping Fig and Majesty Palm are just some great bets for indoor office trees. They also offer the freedom to change their positioning in the workplace frequently for a different look and feel to the work environment.


A smart selection of the specimen tree can alter the interiors of a workspace to the extent that people marvel at the personality and design structure of the space. These trees make the work environment more intimate, personal and lively, not to mention shielding the space from outside heat and creating a screening effect between two work desks!

Parlor Palms

Really popular these days for its heavily branched leaves! Its tropical effect and and beachfront look add up to its appeal – perfect for indoor environments.

Rubber Tree

Plant Both colorful and variegated Rubber Plants would add that dash of color to a banal and monochromatic workspace, especially to empty office corners!

There are places in Asia where these plants are used to create living bridges. (How fascinating!) Living and breathing offices suddenly seems so common an idea!

Money Tree

Also known to bring harmony, prosperity and good luck — aren’t these the ideal desirables in a workplace?

Weeping Fig

Create different looks in an office space with this one. Its elegant structure and appearance does not overshadow its impressionable grandeur or the tranquility it brings along!

Broadleaf Lady Palm, African Violets and Chrysanthemums are some other great bets for Indoor Office Plants.


Still pondering about which plants to keep in your workspace?

Our team of expert landscape gardeners at Ferntastica Gardens can tell you all about the office plants that will:

  • thrive well in your specific workspace
  • fit the lighting and humidity conditions inside your office
  • improve your employees’ holistic health

Our green heritage business that has been here for more than four decades now is well-equipped and passionate to help corporates with their greenery concerns. We have been the trusted corporate greenscape partners for 65+ corporate clients in and around Mumbai.

So when attaining holistic health can be natural and does not require you to be a green thumb professional either, there is no downside to adopting some greens for your work environment too. Let’s get started!