If you have ever been to a forest, the first thing that captures your sensitivities is the dense cover of huge trees. Their roots are firmly fixed on the ground but the positive aura they create around them is spread all around, not to forget the influence they have on you–you can almost lose yourself in their overarching heights and green shades.

Now picture a workspace with papers, files, diaries, documents, computers, bags and chairs. Quite a contrasting image, isn’t it? But does it need to be a paradox when you can create green spaces and beautiful landscapes even at your corporate workspace?

The concept of urban greens may be new to you, but there are garden centres that have been effectively working at bringing people closer to nature, both at their living and working inhabitations. This can be mostly achieved by bringing the outdoors indoors. And how!

The best way to call a space your own is by defining it with plants and trees that aptly reflect your personality and what you aim to achieve with that space. Having big trees in your workspace not only create an urban green environment but they also build a sense of the space you’re occupying.

Moreover, your employees will thank you for not making them feel like they’re having just another day in the office.

Some ways trees can transform your corporate space


They connect you to your roots

Doesn’t the narrow winding staircase in the office lobby or the reception area suddenly become more enthralling and inviting with a Ficus tree or Large Palm trees?

The fact that we all miss spending time around nature, given that we spend most of our time indoors makes us crave for the beauty of natural elements all the more.

Trees take us down our memory lanes and remind us of some of our fond childhood memories of playing in the parks and gardens. With their warm shade and towering effect, they present us with the wonders mother nature has to offer! When put together in a corporate space, they help visitors, employees and clients feel a certain innate, emotional connect with the space, binding them to the place, the people and the environment of the workspace like none other.

They are your primary oxygen resource and improve the indoor climate


The leaves and barks of trees can act as a trap for harmful air particulates, carbon dioxide, pollutant gases such as ammonia, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, purifying the air you breathe.

In just a year’s time, matured trees can provide oxygen for a greater number of people around.

Isn’t air purification and fresh oxygen supply a goal we are all trying to achieve, especially in closed urban spaces? Trees can be the natural solution to reducing carbon footprints and improving the indoor air quality.

They are also the solution to your energy and water conservation needs in your workspace, what with their effect on climate moderation and temperature cooling! The heating and cooling costs in the office subsequently reduce as does the background noise. Does it seem like moving towards a quieter, happier and more comfortable workspace that is more inclusive of your thoughts and opinions?

Greenery in the form of trees in dark corners and work-desk edges can also provide the necessary vigour to your employees and clients, getting them a step closer to a healthier body, mind and lifestyle. They allude the promise of a bright and exciting future!

They reflect your brand ethos and build a close-knit community

If you recall the images in civics books or have seen one yourself, Village Panchayats in India are built around trees and rightly so, as trees are known to bring communities together. Village Panchayats resemble the leaders of a village coming together for group discussions directed towards a common cause – to solve the issues and concerns of the villagers!


A workplace too is synonymous for groups of people forming work communities and letting out a common voice that represents the company and its brand ethos. Then what better way than marrying the company ethos and brand value to different kinds of trees for a more nuanced representation of the company?

Trees can essentially mark the natural setting of a place where people work in teams towards a common goal!

Moreover, panchayats have also been instrumental in sorting out disputes. Come to think of it, are the village leaders solely responsible for this or does the tree around which the panchayat is formed has a role to play too? Interestingly so, trees have been found quite useful in reducing the level of fear thereby restricting violence and restoring peace with their mere presence.

By the same logic, trees can help in building cohesion and solidarity among work teams too. They create quite a non-judgmental zone where employees can connect better to the team and maybe even find their hangout spot or ‘cool zone’.

Centre of Attention and Attraction

When it comes to engaging your client in a gripping conversation, none can have a better impact than a well-sustained specimen tree!


You can choose from an array of trees — Bamboo trees, Alli Ficus, Money tree, Weeping Fig, varieties of Palm trees, Yucca plant and more that grow upto a considerable height ranging from three to twelve feet tall – ideal for both compact and expansive spaces. These trees will come to be the focal point of your corporate workspace.

Experienced landscape designers from reputed garden centres will help you narrow down your choice of specimen trees — perfect in terms of the aesthetics and their workability in your workspace.

They enhance the holistic well-being of employees

Trees are caring souls that are not only resourceful in making your office a more attractive, pleasant and calmer space, but also improve the overall productivity of employees by taking care of their well-being, both physically and psychologically. Office plants and trees reduce stress levels and daily fatigue, thereby making the workplace a more productive environment.

Calm away winter blues and freshen up summer afternoons with vibrant hues and beautiful blossoming tall plants and trees!

They travel with you wherever you go!

If you are pondering how the same trees can become a part of different settings, welcome to the world of tree transplantation — mature trees and shrubs can be transplanted from one location to the other by expert gardeners. These professionals can be from a renowned garden centre that caters to different trees with their care needs so that each such tree, plant or shrub, when transplanted, can thrive well, even in different locations, settings and environments.


With so many merits, trees can be your best buddy at your workplace! Having said that, there are so many choices with different tree care techniques.

Wish you could leave it all to professionals?

Well, there are professional landscape designers who have the know-how and expertise on tree installation and tree transplantation and will soothe the ruffled feathers in your workplace.

Part of a four decade old legacy, Ferntastica Gardens has been intrinsically involved in recognizing and understanding the methods of planning, developing and maintaining different gardens, fairylands, flower arrangements, terrariums, indoor plants and specimen trees among others.

Our three-generation rich expertise of bringing out the best in different landscape designs and personalising gardens has enabled us to attune ourselves to the ever-changing needs and trends, especially in the corporate workspaces.

Are you ready to share that unique bond with trees once again? Then let your workspace have a voice and persona of its own!