Workplaces that consist of plants and greenery are beautiful, attractive and have health benefits as well. Corporates are now realising the benefits of having their teams working in a natural environment.

Albeit with limited office spaces and designated cabins, the need for greenery in a corporate workspace is increasing as we speak.

Innovation is truly born out of limitations. A vertical garden is a true testament to the same. Utilising the vertical wall space and covering that with greenery leads to the perfect balance between technology and nature.

These Living walls also help combat against temperature fluctuations, intermittent heat and pollution.

Ideal for Indoor Spaces

While there are indoor plants that are elementally air-purifying and aesthetically appealing, Vertical Gardens can enliven an entire wall dramatically and are a great bet for commercial spaces.


They are ideal conversation starters that enable team communication.

A traditional garden requires horizontal space and potted plants take up the maximum floor space available. Whereas, the Living Walls use up a wall efficiently in the smallest of spaces.

They create something that the employees, visitors, clients and everyone else in a workspace can truly cherish and remember the place by.

Perfect for Urban Environments

Designed around with plants that are climbers or vines, these Green Walls serve as the focal point in a commercial space especially for professionals in the corporate space, hospitality and realty industries among others.

Vertical green spaces effectively work at lessening the formality of cold steel buildings and cemented architectures by replacing them with a pleasing, natural green alternative. Soothing not just to our eyes but all of our senses, Vertical Gardens are the ideal way to add a bit of nature into your workspace.

An environment-friendly initiative

The selection of plants can be from a variety of plants that are oxygen giving, improving the indoor air quality and reducing carbon footprints. They also help in reducing the energy consumption in the workplace by keeping the temperature cooler.

The Vertical Gardens are a sure short way to insulate during extreme climatic conditions, whether they are placed inside or outside an exterior wall. This helps in saving energy by modulating the temperature both inside and outside the work building.

Simultaneously they work on the acoustics of the building for a noticeable downscaling in the sound pollution.

Lesser number of plants are needed to create a pleasing foliage for the Vertical Garden, perfect for the crammed up spaces in the concrete jungles that we are living in where the ‘urban heat island’ effect is gaining grounds.

Ease of Maintenance

If setup in the right manner, maintaining these natural beauty enhancers can be simple. Steering the vines in the direction you want them to grow works best to sustain the upkeep of the Living Wall.

The walls can be setup using advanced irrigation techniques that can reduce the time and effort further. If in a sunny area, these gardens need more watering every few days in a week than when placed in a shady spot in the office where twice-a-week watering is enough.

Water in a Vertical Garden might trickle down from the top to the bottom level, ensuring all plants in the Living Wall get their moisture requirements right.

Addressing Holistic Health issues

The greens work on the cognitive functions of human mind, reducing mental fatigue and stress. Greener workspaces have resulted in long-term benefits for the appearance as well.
They are great in working at dry, flushed skin and sharpen human sensory functions of feeling, smelling, having an overall positive impact.

Economic Benefits

The larger picture shows employees with better attention spans, abilities to perform cognitive and creative tasks more effectively and an overall pleasant and positive mood. This certainly drives home the economically sound idea of lesser people with greater productivity levels.

The fact that the employees are more immune against common diseases in a greener workspace ensures lesser absenteeism and more productivity, thereby adding to the business revenues.

Ease of Access

Most plants in a Vertical Garden are at an eye level and even people with physical ailments can easily access them. This makes pruning, watering and maintaining the Garden easier, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of the Living Wall.


Even if Vertical Gardens are planted at an angle so that the roots of plants can intertwine and derive their nutrients from each other, they are designed to grow upward specially keeping in mind the fact that plants thrive better when given a chance at vertical growth.

Vertical Gardens thus become a convenient option for more number of people, shaping up more lives for a greener future.


Come to think of it, how did the concept of Vertical Gardens arrive in the corporate offices in Mumbai? The answer dates way back into the 90s when top-of-the-line landscape gardeners from Ferntastica Gardens crafted green solutions especially for the corporate offices.

They came to pioneer the idea of using up wall spaces for incorporating cutting-edge designs of lush greens into the mundane urban living.

Since that time, we have worked towards transforming the entire concept of Living Walls and corporate green spaces to give it a more contemporary setting.

The idea of Portable Vertical Gardens – sheets of Vertical Gardens that are easily replaceable when one of them starts losing their appeal has been an innovative solution in this regard.

Guaranteeing non-spillage and flexibility in designs and color varieties to choose from, our exquisite collections of Portable Green Walls can literally make a brick-based corporate structure breathe too.

What more? With an inviting and harmonious environment like a Vertical Garden, corporates can feel rest assured in meeting clients at their office. The ice-breaking will automatically happen when there exists a beautiful green space that is quite the conversation starter!

Moreover, when these spaces are backed up by a name like Ferntastica Gardens that is synonymous with nature itself, there is nothing stopping corporate workspaces in becoming more life-like.

Transform your workspace today into a living, breathing architectural marvel with a whole new world of green! After all, workplaces need some work too!