You might be an established corporate, a mid-sized business owner or recently started off as an entrepreneur but a common lookout in every career phase is to enhance productivity among employees & have a great first impression on clients for business reputation. Isn’t it?

The question is can there be one solution to raising brand awareness and at the same time influencing people associating with your company positively.

The answer has been in front of us all this while, yet so underrated that we have never noticed.

A great way to stimulate your senses, improve productivity and boost the work morale of your employees is having plants in your office setup!

Research suggests that plants not only clean the indoor air but also are pleasing to our senses, making us more aware, alert and in control of our thoughts and actions.

Agriculture University of Oslo, Norway discovered that —

Plants reduce headaches & sore throat by 30%, coughs by 40% & fatigue by 20%.

Besides, Harvard University’s study in the high performing buildings of US found that green buildings —

  • Boost employee’s cognition by 26%
  • Reduce sick days by 30%
  • Improve sleep quality by 6%

But, building a corporate greenscape means enriching and nurturing life around you. Something as big as this needs proper guidance, attention, watering, lighting, food and maintenance to keep that splash of green fresh and healthy!

Plant Rentals

While you bring yourself closer to nature by planting some indoor greens, have you ever considered renting plants for your office space?


In fact, there are some amazing facilities and advantages to renting a plant from well-established garden centres that even buying several of them won’t offer!

Whether you want to build a steady client base, enhance your work environment, like to plan events for your company and clients or just improve the look and feel of your workspace, renting a plant can help your company in ways you never thought could be possible!

It’s simple, hassle-free, economic and much more!

Here are some reasons you might want to consider renting a plant:

A Choice to say Hello to Fresher Environment


Instead of sticking with a plant until there arises a need to replace it, renting a plant lets you have the freedom to choose a different plant when you —

  • just want to create a different look for the space
  • worse still, realized that the plant you rented is not working well in your office environment.

Office Plant rentals ensure that your corporate landscape keeps on evolving and brightens up each time the plants are replaced with newer ones.

A Chance to Experiment with Seasonal Plants

One of the best things about using short-term rental services for a plant is that you can use seasonal plants every different season. Here are some reasons seasonal plants are the best bet for indoors:


Seasonal Benefits

  • During Summers, English Ivy, Purple Passion Flower, Peace Lily, Jade Plant, Snake Plant and more can be planted and just as the season changes, so will your plants and with that, your entire workspace look.
  • During Winters, you can opt for temperature-cooling plants! Seasonal plants add bright colors and visual variety in your office setup with their blossoming flowers to help you get through the winter blues.
  • The effective growth of plants when planted in the season they are meant for can further spruce up the freshness of your work environment.
  • Transporting seasonal plants is more cost-effective than out-of-season plants. They emit less carbon and are energy-efficient for offices.
  • In-season plants look way more apt in an office event than out-of- season plants. Easier to find, they offer the chance to experiment in different seasons, looking their best when rented right before an event.

Freedom to Change the Landscape at your will

The vibrant foliage and green landscape that plants provide can be attention-grabbing and enticing to say the least.


But what if you get bored with the view after some time?

Luckily, when you rent your plants from a well-developed garden centre, a change in the landscape is just a phone call away! Usually, corporate greenscape companies let you choose from a huge variety of plant categories, sizes and containers based on your requirements, preferences and budgets.

Doesn’t it suddenly seem easier to swap your plants instead of splurging on your office decor?

The Prospect to Increase your Plant Longevity

Having a plant may seem like adding just another element to your corporate workspace decor but it is not the same as getting a new piece of furniture or work accessory.


Even after you choose the plants you want for your office, you need to know the right plant care methods for each of these plants to increase their longevity and freshness.

Renting a plant, however, solves this issue and how!

  • When you rent an indoor office plant for a short period of say two weeks, you get the chance to rent a new, fresh plant after these 14 days and the plant gets to be in the outdoor environment to renew its freshness as well.
  • The corporate greenscape company you rent your plants from takes care of everything the plants need to grow and flourish in your workspace.

Expect to Get more Economical

As a plant comes along with added costs of maintenance and constant care, there are chances that your green office decor may cost you way more than you’d originally expected.


Here’s all what you need to do to keep your office looking daisy fresh —

  • Along with a plant, you will need to choose the right kind of containers that add to the beauty of the green foliage.
  • Besides, there is the cost of transporting the little beautiful natural elements to your office space and planning for the costs of maintenance (you might want to employ someone to take care of your plants to keep them healthy and pretty), watering, feeding, pruning and trimming.
  • Moreover, if you believe in the saying, “Time is Money”, renting your plants is certainly a more cost-effective plan since that way both time and these initial costs of choosing the right container, plant transportations and regular maintenance get saved.

So while you get to experiment with different plant species each time you rent them, you don’t have to worry about the additional expenses if the old plant withers away. Neither do you need to hire a gardener who has the know-how of all the plant varieties and their care essentials.

Landscape designers and experienced gardeners in a renowned garden centre can save you a lot of hassle, time and money you’d have otherwise spent.

Renting plants from such garden centres further keep you rest assured of what plants work for your workspace in practical and aesthetical terms.

Office plant rentals is a comprehensive service that takes care of withering of plants and plant maintenance, rendering it way more cost productive in the long run.

Increased likelihood of better Event Management

Have an office event coming up? There must be a lot to plan on the client list, employee activities and more! Managing the office decor alongside can be quite a headache then.


But when you choose to rent a plant, you can conveniently keep these hassles at bay:

  • Just let your corporate greenscape partners take over so you can focus on how to make this event work better for your company, while the decor, look and feel of your workspace is taken care of.
  • Bonus – Your plants can create a non-judgmental and aesthetically pleasing environment for you and your clients and visitors at the event to break the ice!
  • In case during the event, a plant is accidentally harmed or worse, killed (yikes!), the plant rental services will come to your rescue and Voila! You get a new plant and a new look to your office yet again even after the event is over!


When you are looking to keep things fresh for your office space, trusted corporate greenscape partners with rich experience can help you get the right maintenance guidance with its plant rental services.

We understand that every landscape needs some newness in terms of design, aesthetics and the value it adds, especially when it is meant to create a cherishable experience for your employees and clients alike.

Crafting innovative solutions has been the key to our growth and so we have plant rental services especially customized to suit different office spaces and individual tastes.

Rent a plant today and see the difference!