Animals love greens. They connect well with natural surroundings and find their own little habitat in a green environment. The same is true for your little feline buddy. Cats love to roam around, perch atop over something, bounce, scale fences, pounce from one corner to another, find their own nooks to hide in or just play around the bushes.

Cats are explorers too. Why not design a garden they can enjoy? If your garden becomes a purr-manent spot for the puss to hang out, it will definitely make them happy, relaxed and active.The neighbours will be content too with the cat not squatting and toileting in their premises and you will smile to glory!

Here are some easy ways you can make your garden the perfect den for your furry friend:

  1. A Cat House or a Cozy Shelter
    Cats can find relaxation under tall shrubs, trees, a cat basket or even a customised DIY cat house. This will also protect them from rain and cold and shade them from excessive sunlight. Throw in some cushions, small blankets and cat toys inside a wooden crater or under a garden umbrella and this becomes their perfect cosy spot to keep them sheltered, warm and de-stressed. Some cats love to nap and laze around behind the giant wild plants like Gunnera!
  1. A Mysterious Garden they’d love to explore
    Wild adventures are thrilling for cats as they are inquisitive by nature. Just keep some distance between your pots. This will make these prowling animals cave in and mark their secluded spot from in between the pots. Cats would want to sleep under the benches and tables or simply explore the area, fix their territory and keep an eye out for insects, worms and bugs.
  1. A Place they can Call their Own
    Scratching is second nature to kitties. A vertical log of wood, a raised platform of a tree stump in your backyard or balcony garden can be this scratching post they’d like to climb on and feel secure. This scratch post will also prevent them from scratching other trees in the garden or your precious leather couch!
  1. A Cranny to Hide in
    Cats could be your favourite species to play hide and seek with, given their affinity for a peek-a boo. They might feel vulnerable if there isn’t a place to hide from neighbourhood kitties or anything unfamiliar. Dense foliage, evergreen shrubs planted close together, large plant pots, chairs and boxes can be helpful to make these furry animals feel safe and comfortable in your garden.
  1. A Cat Latrine
    This can be made with a patch of dirt or mulched soil on a garden pathway and some  evergreen bushes for that added privacy to help the kitties relieve themselves. You can also choose to make a four-corner bed out of timber boards and seclude the area.
  1. Plants that Won’t Harm Them
    When it comes to creating a safe and cat-friendly garden, the most important aspect is to choose your plants wisely and carefully. Catnip, Catmint, Cat grass, Thyme, Spider Plant, Silver Vine, Lemongrass, Rosemary, honeysuckle, bean seedlings, sunflower, valerian, geraniums, bamboo, snapdragon, daisies, zinnias, roses, ornamental grasses, wheatgrass and violets are plants your cats will love to nibble on that are also beneficial for them.

On the other hand, Lilies, poppy, tomato, ruta, wisteria, fox gloves, euphorbia, rhododendron, morning glory, daffodil and oak are some plants that are considered toxic for your outdoor puss. Come Christmas, be wary of poinsettias and mistletoes as they can harm your cats too, if they happen to chew on them. A simple way to choose plants is to opt for those that attract butterflies and insects. Cats can have fun chasing them and even catch on the insects so you don’t have to use pesticides in your yard.

  1. Lots of Grass to feed on and play with
    Since kitties are natural gymnasts, they also need something soft to land on. Tall grasses can provide this soft surface. Grass gives them the needed privacy and shade and add to the mystery that your detective kitties so love to explore. Cat grass is one of their favourite foods and you’ll need to replenish it soon enough. Some vegetable and bird seeds can also be sown in the grass for the cats to munch on, when they lie on the patch of grass.
  1. A High Post and Water Availability
    A cat tree, ledge, table or a carpeted fence shelf would soon become their first go-to spot in the garden. This is where they do all the people watching from and also keep an eye on intruder animals, pigeons, crows and squirrels. Kitties also love a fountain or pond in the garden that piques their fancy and helps them stay hydrated and refreshed.
  1. Mesh and Hedges to safeguard against intruder cats
    If you have a young, athletic cat, it’s more than necessary to have a plastic or metal mesh or high fencing around your garden to safeguard your outdoor space from intruder cats, pigeons and also to prohibit your cat from leaving your garden. These catios could be hedges around your garden where cats could spend hours strolling, stalking and playing. A microchip cat flap can further come handy to deter other cats.

Make your garden the perfect haven for cats with lots of greenery, narrow-winding pathways, lookout posts and hedges. Our trained horticulturists know that cats love roughly edged gardens than manicured lawns. We can help you choose from our extensive range of cat-friendly plants, while you get to spend your leisure time bonding with your little kitty!