Monsoons are a cheerful respite to the scorching heat of summers but can also make the environment around dark and gloomy. There is nothing quite like getting wet in the rain, smelling the fragrance of wet earth or sipping a cuppa by the window with the raindrops dripping the window glass.

Monsoon brings the liveliest, vibrant and exotic colours and a sense of calm, giving us a chance to enliven our homes with beautiful furnishings, crockery, colourful bedspreads and lush green foliage.

Get both your indoors and outdoors to breathe life by bringing some indoor plants and adorning your garden with flowering plants and table gardens. But more importantly, get planting so plants can soak the moisture in the environment and grow real quick. The colourful flowers will, in turn, attract beautiful bees and butterflies.

Try these charming methods for the monsoons as this is the perfect time to add a dash of colour to your garden with pretty little blooms:

Flowering Plants


Gloriosa Lily

Its curved petals in wondrous yellow and red shades grow in the shape of a flame of fire. Beautiful yet bizarre, these are the kind of shrubberies you’d want to experiment with in your monsoon garden.



Monsoon Cassia

This tree brims with edible leaves that can be used as a vegetable and its sunshine yellow flowers can infuse some much-needed brightness into your home.



Wild Balsam

This plant needs damp soil to grow and nothing better than the rains for a humidified environment and moisture-rich soil. Its bright white or charming pink flowers welcome some freshness in the otherwise dull, melancholy weather.




Indigo Flower

Let beautiful blues, whites and violet shades of this star-shaped flowering plant make your garden bloom with joy this monsoon.



Wild Cockscomb

A wonderful herb, this plant comes in tints of pink and a sweet fragrance. Its simple charm would be a beautiful addition to your garden, especially during the monsoons.



Cape Jasmine

The attractive fragrance of the white jasmine is best produced during monsoon and can be found aplenty. This is sure to fill your entire garden with its bountiful perfume and charming charisma.




You may have seen trees filled with red flowers! It’s the Gulmohar with its luscious red blooms that thrive well in the monsoon and can uplift moods instantly.




The trumpet-shaped flowers of hibiscus bloom in abundance in the rainy season and are found in different colours like red, peach, yellow and attract hummingbirds to your garden.



These are highly fragrant flowers and bloom in yellows, whites, pinks and reds during monsoon, adding a stunning variety to your garden.



Table Garden Arrangement


  • Cultivating plants in a tabular arrangement on a wooden surface can add some diversity in the way your garden looks. Just choose any of the above plants or get some indoor plants such as peace lily, spider plant and areca palm to boost your interior or exterior setting.
  • The drainage system should, however, be steady enough to get rid off of all the excess water. Lay the soil over the table top and fertilize it well with compost. Choose small plants for the table garden arrangement and position them in a way that they get abundant sunshine.

You can also opt for little accessories like colored lanterns, hanging baskets and adorable knick-knacks that make your garden the cozy space you’d love spending time in, monsoon or otherwise.

Make sure you care for your garden well during the rains as otherwise, this is the season when weeds, pests, and insects can wreak havoc in your little paradise especially with stagnant water around. Earthworms, however, are beneficial in fertilizing the soil. Opt to plant trees to beautify your green space and for some fresh air. Artificial ponds, tropical hedges, bird baths, and waterfalls can further enhance the look and feel of your monsoon garden.

While these techniques are sure to modify your garden for the better, the complete garden makeover is only possible with an attractive set of flowering plants and trees. Our expert horticulturists can guide you on the best plants that will thrive in your garden in rains from among a diverse range of flowering plants. Visit our nursery and you can take home the promise of a healthy and nurturing greenscape.