Gardens – small or big can liven up a space, making you feel fresh and calm everytime you set foot in it. However, owing to apartment-style houses and crammed up neighbourhoods, a big garden area might not be feasible for all. Thankfully, balcony gardens can create the cosy and warm green spaces you always desired for.

Here are some common goof-ups that stop you from having the ideal view of flowers blooming and birds chirping in your balcony:

Picking Unsuitable Plants

Plants have specific light, water and fertiliser requirements. Before you decide on buying a plant, you must know the climate, sunlight, watering, feeding and trimming needs so you can cater to that on a daily or weekly basis. Choosing native and season-specific plants is the best as they are perfect for the climatic conditions, region and type of soil available.

A mix of biennials and perennials is ideal as then you can have a dash of green in your garden all year long! While lemongrass is a mosquito repellent plant, areca palm and aloe vera will help cleanse the air off pollutants.

Choosing pots that are small/do not drain well

The plants you buy should fit well in the pots and have proper drainage facility as well. Without the right amount of drainage, the soil would retain the extra moisture, making the leaves go yellow and lose their brightness. Not only this, if water remains stagnant for too long in a pot, it can ruin the plant’s natural health.

Not feeding the plants enough

Fertilisers are essential sources of nutrients for plants and help them grow substantially. If you choose to naturally fertilise your container gardens and potted plants, composting and mulching are two natural ways of nourishing your plants. You can use egg shells, banana peels, tea bags and kitchen garbage as your composting matter. Mulching too protects against weeds and helps the soil to retain its moisture.

Too much or too less of Watering

Watering your plants is a no-brainer but watering at the right time and in the right amount is the key to a nice flowering balcony garden. When water seeps out of the pot’s drainage system, it’s an indication that the plant has had enough water for the time-being. During summers, the best time to watering plants is early morning and evening.


Sometimes, expert solutions to your gardening woes can give you a garden of your dreams and a view you’ll come to cherish. With trained horticulturists and passionate gardeners backed by generations of experience, Ferntastica Gardens can guide you through several valuable insights for your home gardens. Personalize your gardening experience with professional expertise.

Cheers to a spectacular balcony garden this summer!